Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swiss Days

So I went to Swiss Days on Friday this year. It is something I look forward to every year. This year however, very dissapointing. I came home with hair bows. That's bows. Brad was in shock. Normally I come home with piles and piles of crafy things. Not so much this year. I was pretty bummed out. So here are the bows I got. Pretty darn cute I think.

I began to feel so annoyed that I didn't find anything cute at Swiss Days so I ventured over to the good old Quilted Bear and found this...

This has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Don't you just love it! My day of fun was not over yet. Me and my bro Jake hung out at Fat Cats. He made me ride this ride where you design your rollercoaster and ride in a 3D cloustrophobic stupid cubical thing. Uggghhh...I hated it. I thought I was going to lose my dinner right then and there. Then we went and saw Disaster Movie...major mistake. Such a waste of two hours. Shoulda know. Anyway it was fun to hang with Jake. I'm gonna miss him when he goes!

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HeaddaMarie said...

I kept thinking about how you go up to Swiss Days and how I never go cause I am usually in Wyoming camping. But we didn't end up going and I was thinking of calling you to see if I could meet you up there and then totally forgot...until now. Bummer that it was disappointing this year! I need to get some bows and flowers for Izzy's hair now. It is starting to get longer so I will be able to do more with it! Yay! We seriously need to get together women!! I love how crafty you are!! I'm jealous!! I also love how gorgeous your house is! I am trying to de-clutter, clean & organize better! Once that is done I want to do some painting and cute decorating...but I don't have a very good eye for that sort of thing....maybe one day! Sorry about the essay...ha ha. Chat later!