Thursday, August 14, 2008

Studly us......this was taken last year at Pineview! Look at Milo (the dog) he thinks he owns the pic...actually he does. That dog is the most spoiled thing! He was a natural in the picture taking.

So I got the...."you love your in-laws more!" speech from my dad the other day. He looked at my blog and saw the picture of Brad's parents and the girls. I don't have a pic of my fam. I felt pretty crappy after that. So here you go mom and dad!


HeaddaMarie said...

Your family is so awesome! We are getting our family pictures done in a week! Aagghhh!! I think I have figured out what we are wearing...just not sure of the exact location as of yet. I am bummed that we couldn't get together this past weekend. :( We definitely need to get together soon. CJ is always asking about Hannah.

Beckie's Favorite said...

LOVE the picture!
Your family is GEORGOUS!
We need to get together!

Kahra said...

Aww, I miss my other family. You all look so happy!

HeaddaMarie said...

Hey woman!! So...I am now going to harass you need some new updates!! We need to get together!! I am pretty sure you already have plans but what are you doing labor day weekend? When does that pool place close?

Brad and Kathy said...

What a family...but, you littlest brother, the one with all the white hair, spells his name Myleaux...just an FYI. Love you...and oh by the way, 35 more sleeps and we're cruisin'!