Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can you stand it?

Only four more sleeps until Breaking Dawn comes out.....the sleep thing is what my dad use to tell us when we were excited for something and now we do that with our kids! Actually only three sleeps for me because it comes out at midnight on Friday and me and my sis in law are gonna be the Twerds who stay up all night in line at Barnes and Noble, so really no sleep for me on Friday! Brad thinks we are too weird, but hey, he did it when Star Wars movies came out.....what's the dif?

FYI: My friend Mindy asked, "Why don't you preorder the book?" We have....we still need to stand in line with wrist bands no less! Bring on the teen crazys...I can take em!


Mindy said...

Pretty sure Barnes and Noble has a PREORDER on that book. EVERY time I go in there someone is asking..."WANNA PRE-ORDER Breaking Dawn?"
With that said...its MUCH more fun to stand in line and beat the crap outta people who get in your way!!
Wish I could be there with you!

Rachel said...

You are nuts for doing that, but I would probably do the same for something I really wanted. Oh and Happy Birthday! I'll be bringing your present up tomorrow

HeaddaMarie said...

You totally crack me up!! I want to see the shirt you made! I was at Walmart on saturday and of course they still had some books so I bought one! I haven't started reading it yet..but I will get to it this week! Hopefully! I need your addy!!