Thursday, July 3, 2008

Feeding the segals McDonalds!

Today my long lost friend Heather came up from Lehi for a day of play! We took the kids to Layton Park and had a picnic and feed the ducks. We were sitting eating our McDonalds and were suddenly surrounded by segals. It was like they were ready for attack. It reminded me of the scene on Ice Age with the Do Do birds! I guess it didn't help that the kids were feeding them their fries and chicken nuggets! We had a good time even though it was so flippin HOT!! Thanks Heather for making the semi-long trek out here!

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HeaddaMarie said...

Anytime Woman!! We had fun!! Next time Brad is out of town and I am in town I will come stay the night...or 2! Then we can go and have lots of fun!! BTW, cute new blog!!