Monday, December 28, 2009

Ring in 2010

What are your plans for New Year's Eve? With three young kids our New Year's is spent at home, so we make our own fun! We will be camping out in our family room. Making a tent in the family room big enough for everyone to sleep in. Everyone getting to make their own individual pizza is a big hit! Also creating a "Time Capsule" with an empty tennis ball container. Fill the inside with pictures, mementos, and comments about what is currently happening in the world and with your family. Also write down goals you want to accomplish in 2010 as a family and individually. Then go out and bury it in the backyard. Next New Year's Eve dig it up to see what you accomplished!
I also found these cute ideas for cheap noise makers that will keep your kids busy until it's time to party.

Just fill with beans, decorate the outside with tissue paper and your ready to go.

There is also just the classic "grad a pot and a wooden spoon" and go nuts! Which is my memory of New Year's Eve when I was little. Lets see just how mad we can make the neighbors :)


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