Thursday, December 10, 2009

The elf no longer on the shelf

I wanted to share this cute idea that a fabulous friend of mine (Sally) shared with me last year. It's the Elf on the Shelf and your kids will LOVE will you because every time your kids act up just tell them "the elf is watching you!" and they will be quick to straighten up! lol The idea is that you hide the elf somewhere in the house and he watches over the family to see if they are being naughty or nice. Then when everyone is sleeping he rushes back to Santa to report. The next morning he returns to your house in a different spot!

FYI: Our elf is MIA.....his name is Charlie. He looks exactly like the above picture. He was last seen in the Laundry room. If you have any information on his whereabouts please leave me a comment. :) My kids think he died! Help!


Melanie said...

Chelton's family always had the elves come 12 days before Christmas and hide a little present (candy, matchbox car, etc) in their shoe that they leave under the three. He loved it so much that we have been doing it since we had kids. They always wonder why their friends never have the elves come so I have to tell them it is something that you have to sign up for. I always give them the elf won't come if your bad shpeel. Love the idea that the elf is watching you on the shelf somewhere. How fun.

BryceandSally said...

I love the elf on the shelf!! And I'm happy you found yours! Ours is named Buddy, he forgot to move last night, Now Mason says he is not real! Ooopps! I like Melanie's idea to leave a little treat, we may have to start that.