Friday, February 20, 2009

Anziano Sawyer

My little brother went into the MTC this last Wednesday. My brother Josh was going around acting like him and Jake were twins going in. It was hysterical. He helped lighten things up a bit. I was gearing myself up for a day of sobbing and sulking. It was completely opposite. To see the look on my brothers face the entire time brought comfort to myself knowing that he was more prepare and excited than anything else. I am so proud of him and his decision to serve. I am blessed to have such amazing parents who have raised all of us well. Good luck Anziano Sawyer....go spread the word! My parents have made him a blog so that friends and family can see how he is doing. Make sure to add him as your peep or click on the picture and it will send you to his blog!

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Jana said...

I still cannot believe your BABY bro. is on a mission, I feel really OLD!!! Your family is awesome and they crack me up!! I am glad you are doing well with it!! We will be so busy that it will fly by for you right?? :) Love Ya