Friday, October 4, 2013

Costume Ideas

I start thinking about Halloween costumes in May I swear! is my absolute favorite time of the year and favorite holiday!  I love unique and creative costumes!  So how in the world can I keep my son from wanting to be Iron Man for the 4th time in a row?! :)  I do love how much he loves Iron Man.

I have lost control on what my kids wear for their costume.....they are older now and know what they want to be.  I have accepted that.  And I love they they are just as creative with what they want to be as I would be!
Here are some ideas of awesome costumes!  Some from my Pinterest board and others of my family!  Enjoy!

Mouse Trap......STINKIN ADORABLE!!!!!

Studly Superman

Ninja Turtle

This is what my 9 year old is going to be.....80's pop star!
Costume found here.

50's Girl

My cute girl as a gypsy.....believe it or not, I found this awesome costume at TJMAXX!

Same cute girl last year as The Mad Hatter.  This costume got RAVE reviews and is by far my most favorite.....EVER!  Costume found here.

My brother for the last two years has totally outdone all of us with his costumes.  Here he is as
Edward Scissorhands

and there he is again with his wife and son as Jack, Sally and Zero! :)  That's my husband and I as Tom Hank's from Castaway and Wilson!

I hope this helps get some of those juices flowin....Halloween is just around the corner....YAY!

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