Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Going Batty!

If your looking for a fun super inexpensive way to spice up your home for Halloween read on about how to make these cute bats.  You can go crazy inside your home or wait for Halloween day and do up your porch.
I used construction paper (it's what I had on hand) but black cardstock would work great!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

These bats fly along side my favorite decorated table at my house :)

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I found this idea on Pintrest.  This lady went CRAZY with the bats....I love it!
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And here they are decorating up her front porch!

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Find the great tutorial by going here.  She has step by step instruction with the template!  Have fun!


drollgirl said...

those bats are SO CUTE! and i can't believe i just wrote that. lol. but i love them. perfect for halloween!

JaLesha said...

Ok, I have to ask...where did you get the frame sitting by your apothecary jars? I LOVE the textured/design of the mat!! I looked all over for something similar and only found ONE at Hobby Lobby but it wasn't as cool as yours! ;o) So I put it back. :o( AND, the haunted house picture in it, is it a printable or did you make it? I seriously want to copy all your stuff! ;o)

Beckie said...

Your too sweet! I got the frame at Tai Pan in the clearance section because there was a chip in one of the corners that I just covered with black marker....I paid $3.00 for it! Also the Haunted House picture is one I made in photoshop I'm not sure why I never posted it as a printable...there are some cute Thanksgiving printables I made! Check those out :)