Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I need your help!

THANK YOU to all of you who have been linky up your wonderful ideas! The party keeps on growing and growing because of you and I truly appreciate it :)


At this point in my life I am wanting to start working, ahhhhhh.....(I haven't worked for 11 years!) and I would love some advice. I want to get into becoming a Medical Transcriptionist and would appreciate any tips, advice (good or bad) and ideas for me going about this.
I know I need to have a Medical Terminology class under my belt and I also know they offer online classes/courses for this field. Any advice on a good course?
My main reason for choosing this is it allows me to stays home with my kiddos, and I can work at my own pace.

Thank you! Thank you! For any input you may have :)


Melanie said...

Look into career step. That is the online course that most people take at home (that is the one paulette took at home too). Some places (local ones) will hire with any medical terminology course and not a medical transcription course per se. Call me with any other questions you have, I would be glad to help. It is a career that is slow to get going but great once you are into it...I wouldn't do anything else!!!

polwig said...

I used to sell textbooks to universities and a lot of these courses are offered in your community colleges or through something called "workforce development" in any college, especially ones with nursing/allied health program *which is a lot lately. The only problem with medical transcription is that it can become obselete. Heck even vista does pretty good job. It is also really easy to outsource to cheeper countries like India. Which may also mean that if you get a job here the pay may be minimal. I would look at it in detail. If you are going to change professions and go back to school may as well step into a field that has a lot of future.

P.S.I stopped here originally for the linky party, just in case you are wondering wth

Christa @ Modern Vintage Interiors said...

Hey, I just found your blog today! I saw this post and thought I'd give some input. I am wondering if you should first make sure that voice recognition isn't going to make transcription obsolete. I know there is a lot of advancing technology out there, so just do your research. Have you considered medical billing instead? There is money to be made in that field, I know. Good luck!

Eve said...

Hiya, can't advise on the field choice, but just wanted to tell you that I wish you all the best with getting back into the work field as such. It's a big step, and can be a bit scary, for myself included.

Just wanted to say I hope everything falls easily into place and that you are happy.

kowen said...

I am a medical transcriptionist and have been for many years working for the largest hospital in our state and we have been told that within 3 years, none of us will have jobs, except maybe in proofreading of the jobs done with voice recognition. It is depressing as I love my job, work from home and make really good money. Not sure what I am going to do next. I am not up for going back to school!!

So perhaps, do not invest a lot of money into the field.