Monday, August 24, 2009


My little girl is in 2nd grade..........ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

As many of you know I was highly excited for this day to come. And Hannah was beyond excited. So all in all I though, we were good. So after getting ready and waiting on the front porch for the "others" to emerge to the bus stop we sat and talked. I asked her what she is most excited about. She is most excited about going to feed her brain so she will become super smart and travel to Africa to become a Humanitarian. No lie. That is exactly what she said. What the freak?! Since when was my daughter 7 going on 17? I have no doubt that is what she will do. I sat and cried on the porch as I watched my little humanitarian get on the bus. What a day. And it's only 9:00 a.m.


BryceandSally said...

She is such a cute girl!! You look pretty hot yourself! :)

Jana said...

Oh, that is so funny.........what a smarty pants!!! She looked cute and yes you look good too!!! :) Fun times!!!

Jeana said...

Are your hands feeling full yet? :)