Monday, May 25, 2009

A little graduate and some fun!

Little Livielou graduated from Preschool! Her teacher went all out with them performing songs, gave away little diplomas and even had a video to show. Livie was very excited and proud of herself! And poor me.....crying like a baby during the sideshow. They put in one of those sad songs about how your kids grow up so fast and they can leave their fingerprints on the wall! Hello waterworks! No fun.....but Liv is so excited to ride the bus in the fall and be a big kindergartner! Me, not so much.

Today (Memorial Day) also happened to be my mom in laws birthday so it was a day spent at Park City! One of my favorite places! The kids got a kick out of the Alpine Slide (everyone got to go, even little Bos) they were afraid of slamming into a groundhog because I told them they live under the they have a Alpine Coaster now.....that was GREAT! Tons of pics to follow.....
I love Liv's cheese it smile! Aren't they cute?!

Gold girls

This just makes me smile...

I love this picture!

Boston picked up on some chick and was riding in the plane when we got done on the coaster! What a flirt! He likes the older ladies!

I look somewhat possessed in this pic...kinda creepy!

So we were at Park City by 12:00 and didn't make it home til 9:00 and we are whipped. Yet here I am blogging about it! :) Hope you all had a fun holiday weekend!


Jana said...

Looks like tons of fun!! I have never been on the Alpine slide and I have been to Park City a million times. I used to be afraid, but if your kids can do it, so can I right? LOL :) I am glad you had a good fun weekend!! Hope you can come hang out soon!!

BryceandSally said...

Cute cute! I had a hard time at the graduation too. They grow up to fast! Looks like you guys had lots of fun yesturday!

Barney Family said...

Looks like you had fun in Park City....we love the Alpine slide to! I totally hear ya on the the preschool graduation and up coming Kindergarten.....Gavin will go this fall he is so excited and im TERRIFIED!!!

Jeana said...

Congrats Livie on the graduation! Looks like you guys had a blast in Park City!