Friday, March 20, 2009

Sinus infections and sedations? Not a good mix.

I have emerged from my death bed! I would rather have a root canal than a sinus infection! Horrible horrible! So I'm on antibiotics and two other meds and feeling a little bit better than I have in days. I went out with friends last night to dinner and had so much fun. It was good to get out....even though I could not taste or smell and ounce of my food. It sucks so bad to not be able to smell....So thanks ladies for a fun night out, lets do it more often!

The past week has been a blur....on St. Patrick's Day Pete the Leprechaun paid a visit to our house. The kids woke up so excited to see his green footprints leading to their lucky charms and some gold candies. Pete even left them some green milk! I did the footprints by using the side of my hand and curling my fingers slightly....then dipped them in the paint!

I also went grocery shopping, this is when I thought my little sinus infection was just allergies....and I did quite well I thought.

I spend $88.00 for all this and saved $122.00! Go me!

Livie also had a monstrous day at the dentist yesterday....lets just say that she doesn't react well to the sedation meds. She's a fighter! So a day with a four year old acting like a mad drunk? Not my idea of fun.


Jana said...

You have had a fun week, haven't you? I hope it is up hill from here for you!!! I will think about you while I am in Disneyland!!! :)

Jeana said...

That was so cute what you did for St. Patty's Day! Sorry to hear about the sinus infection! I just got over mine so I feel for ya!

Donahue Family said...

Yer such a cool mom!!!!
My kids would have LOVED that.
I cant think of cool things like that. I just took them to the store to pick out a green donut. lol
I'm pathetic. :)