Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hallelujah...it's my moment!

Yes. This is a re-post. Why you ask? It has been one of those days and I needed a little refresher and thought.....deal with it people! :) Love you all.....I'm going CRAZY here and my little blog title may have to be change to Because Being a Mom Sucks Sometimes. :) Have you ever had one of those days where you think, "If I can just make it to nap time (1:00 in my house)...I will be good." or "If I can just make it to when my hubby gets home.." My hallelujah moments are:

1. 8:05 when my oldest is out the door for school. Don't get me wrong, I love the sweet thing, but she needs to be at school! Fast forward......Mind you school is not in right now so my hallelujah is the fact that my eldest can get the kids breakfast! While I sneak in 20 more minutes of rest. Rest, not sleep. How do you sleep when your wall is shared with the kitchen and the kids are playing RockBand with their utensils?
2. 10:30 Olivia has a pig named after her and she's on the TV now, don't you know.
3. 1:10 This would be "nap" or "not so quiet" time. I put 1:10 because it takes the little guy approximately ten minutes to zonk out from pure exhaustion from screaming his guts out!
4. 3:30 My saving grace is home from school and ready to step in as the leechy as Livie continues her roll as the leecher...lots and lots and lots of questions are asked during the day and quite frankly I don't know the answers to the majority of them. Liv wants to know why poop is brown, why Cheetos are orange, why buggers don't taste good...the list is endless. Again, summertime. So 3:30 is no longer a hallelujah moment. :(
5. 4:00 Beloved Oprah has come into my home to enlighten me with something. Yesterday it was misdiagnosis of diseases (probably not a good thing to hear seeing as I was told that Boston has a low count of lymphocytes (Google it) and today it's chefs going into peoples homes and teaching them how to cook. Here's to the fingers crossed that they will be knocking on my door!
6. 6:00ish The hubby is FINALLY home from work and ready to take over...sort of. First he has to eat, and he likes to take his time. Oh how would that be, to take your time eating a meal. I hesitate to tell him that earlier I was scarfing down my meal because I hadn't eaten anything all day and in the same moment Boston has thrown his food across the kitchen and is laughing his head off. Meanwhile Hannah is putting her feet on Livie's chair because this will send Olivia into a conniption fit of hysterics and she will never recover and Hannah lives to see Liv freak....don't you just love dinnertime! But no, I keep quiet and let my hard working husband try to enjoy his dinner.
7. 10:00 Bed. Enough said.

Now there are those of you that may think "This poor lady hates her kids!" Soooo not the case.
Don't get me wrong folks! I LOVE my kids. They just annoy the crap out of me sometimes. Like today. No sugarcoating here! I know I'm not the only one who feels this way....

Now, I would LOVE to hear all of your hallelujah moments! We all have them so share share share!


BryceandSally said...

You are so stinkin funny!! I love to read your posts, they always make me laugh! For my list can I just copy yours? I think we live the same life right about now!

Andy and Robyn said...

Ok - HILARIOUS!! The only one bummer for me is that nap time doesn't really exist right now - and if Hinkley takes a nap she won't go to bed until 10 or 11 --ahhh! But - bedtime at our house is 8 - and then I sit and enjoy the quiet! :) I'm totally with ya on the fact that it seriously seems my kids like to torture each other on purpose!!!

Adam said...

Great post there Beck. Sounds fun for you! HAHA. My Hallelujah moment is right around 7:30p when Channel 208 comes on with my boys dressed in Red and White ready to kick the crap outta any who dares step on the ice with em! LOL WOOHOO. Or anytime Landon is ready to play catch and wrestle. Or maybe when Jeana has snapped out of her fantasy "my special alone time world" and decides to have a normal conversation. Which could happen at any moment. :) You guys need a boat so I can use it. Get on that k?

Jana said...

HA HA HA, you are so funny!! I love it, although you spoiled most of it before I even had the chance to read it on my own!! LOL :) You are great!!

Donahue Family said...

Wow. Well put Beck.
Perhaps you need a vacation. :)
I need one too. Lets get together!

Jeana said...

Beckie I SOOOOO think you need another kid, so get on that will ya!!! :) My best Hallelujah moment is when I got off work after midnight and when I finally return to the land of the living and look at the clock and it is past 7 and Landon is still in bed :) More than 4 hours of sleep is awesome!!

Jami said...

Beckie, you crack me up. At least you can laugh about it! Love ya!

Donahue Family said...

Hey. I need a CUTE Easter Background. MAKE ME ONE!!!
Perhaps you should do a tutorial and SELL it online!! You could make tons! But FIRST tell me how to do it for FREE!!

Donahue Family said...

oooh. sorry you are sick. BUMMER.
Feel better dude. Its the first day of Spring!!

Adam said...

haha.. and you want to have more kids? That will knock the complaint level up a few notches i bet ;) ;)