Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Never thought we would make's good to be home!

Let's just say that a two hour delay, in the airplane, on the runway, does not make nice with a one and a half year old! And Hannah in the background pouting because she wants to slide on the airplane slides and mom telling her that's not possible!(Advice: Don't let a 6 year old look at the safety pamphlet!)


HeaddaMarie said...

That totally made me laugh..the part about the airplane "slides"...not the 2 hours delay..IN the plane, ON the runway..that made me cringe..can we say claustrophobic?

Donahue Family said...

THAT SUCKS....but Hannah cracks me up!! Great kid ya got there!
I would have totally jumped out the window. I am claustrophobic.
Glad yer home though.
So whens the next trip?

Mindy Is Tired said...

Well? What did you think?
Did ya like the movie? Was it everything you were hoping for and more? lol
About 11 of us went to dinner ahead of time, then got to the theater about 10 and just hung out in our awesome seats for 2 hours. That part was fun! A bunch of women from church went and we took up about 2 and a half rows of seating. lol
TODAY HOWEVER....I am a walking zombie. I NEED SLEEP.